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Genetic Health Testing For Fitness: Advantages And Disadvantages

Posted by James Brown on 05 May 2017

As a result of some great strides forward for genetic science, genetic health testing is now more readily available to the general public. For professional athletes, adjusting your training or diet based upon genetic makeup is now a viable option.

Despite its much wider availability, the ins and outs of genetic health testing for fitness are still not fully understood in the public mind. This article will give you a good insight into what is involved in genetic testing, what can be done with the test results, and the potential advantages and disadvantages of testing.

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How Reliable Are Health-Related Fitness Tests And Are They Worth It?

Posted by James Brown on 28 April 2017

From dreaded 12-minute runs and bleep tests in school to maximum strength testing in the gym, fitness testing is a common part of sports training. Your fitness can be split into two main groups: health-related fitness and skill related fitness. As the name suggests, health-related fitness takes into account how your body’s systems perform in terms of your overall health.

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7 Top Tips To Help You Reach Your Optimum Fitness Levels

Posted by James Brown on 17 April 2017

Whether training for sports competition or just to improve your health, everybody should be aiming to reach their highest level of fitness and performance. Nobody wants to put all of their effort into their training only to get back average results at the end of it.

The point of training is to become the very best version of yourself you can be. To help you get there, here are 7 top tips to help you reach your optimum fitness levels:

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How To Reach Your Genetic Potential With Sports Performance Testing

Posted by James Brown on 10 April 2017

Genetic potential is defined as the absolute peak performance capability an individual person could ever reach. It is the level of performance in a specific activity that would be achieved by an ideal upbringing, optimal training and perfect nutrition planning. Genetic potential is determined by your own specific and unique DNA structure. Everybody’s genetic potential is different, in some cases extremely different.

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Take Your Athletic Performance Development To New Heights With Fitness DNA Testing

Posted by James Brown on 05 April 2017

DNA testing is an excellent tool that has been used for many years in a variety of different industries, most especially the medical world and in crime prevention. However, in more recent times, it has become a vital mechanism for those who strive for a healthier, fitter lifestyle or really want to hone in on their sport. It is also surprisingly affordable and offers very quick, safe, reliable results with incredible insight into a person’s level of health and fitness. Offering cutting-edge DNActiv8 testing at your sports club will help your athletes to truly understand their biology. The results could even prevent future injury and highlight potential illness, stopping it in its tracks. DNA Fitness Testing can also be used to greatly enhance your athlete’s physical performance, increase their fitness levels and hopefully go a long way to improve their health and wellbeing.

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How Can A Personalised Fitness Nutrition Plan Improve Sports Performance?

Posted by James Brown on 31 March 2017

Some people seem to lose weight effortlessly, while others have to work hard to stay in shape. Equally, some people have no problem building muscle mass, enduring gruelling workouts or tolerating pain.

It all comes down to DNA, the secret to unlocking your body’s performance. Simply put, our genetic blue print determines how our body responds to environmental factors including diet, stress and exercise. Everyone responds differently, so by profiling an individual’s genetic predisposition to each of these factors, it becomes possible to tailor your fitness regime and diet to work in conjunction with your DNA, for optimum results. Now everyone can benefit from a personalised fitness nutrition plan with DNActiv8!

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DNA Health Testing - What Is It And How Can You Benefit From It?

Posted by James Brown on 27 March 2017

The secret to optimum health and fitness performance is locked up in our genes. It has always been common knowledge that some people have a more ‘natural’ aptitude for sports performance than others. They may build muscle faster, have a greater endurance or faster recovery time than other athletes. Or, on the flipside, some sports people may be more prone to injury, may need more sleep to sustain their energy levels, or be more susceptible to break under pressure.

The new science of DNA health testing shows just how much we owe to what is written in our genes. Genetic profiling is not like a tarot card reading – it does not claim to predict the future in and of itself. But understanding an athlete’s genetic disposition lets you take a personalised approach to health and fitness that can unlock the true potential of athletes.

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